About UsHarwood Landscaping has been working in the Landscaping and Property Maintenance business for more than 22 years. Harwood Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc. is the culmination of dedication to great work and extensive experience. With more than ten dedicated employees on staff, our team of commercial snow / ice specialists, landscaping designers and installers work efficiently to provide the best service in the industry. We are proud of the work that our team has been able to accomplish over the last 22 years.

Property maintenance for commercial customers is a key focus at Harwood Landscaping and Property Maintenance Inc. With commercial services including: snow / ice removal, lawn care and garden maintenance; why not let the experts keep your commercial property looking good, as well as keep your customer and employee parking lot and walkways clear of snow and ice? Keep your place of business looking beautiful and safe for your employees and customers alike. Property maintenance is available only to commercial and industrial customers, including condominiums.